Macy’s has teamed up with BeGlammed to offer at home beauty services for everything from your wedding day, to the next big interview. I am thrilled to be an investor and advisor for such an exciting and uplifting company. In order to reach clients in 22 cities across the US, Macy’s will be tapping into BeGlammed network of more than 1,200 stylists and that is only the beginning.

“Beauty is a core signature business for us and a platform for profitable growth that we continue to build out,” said senior vice president, leased businesses at Macy’s, Shawn Outler of the partnership. “Today, we sell beauty products, and we have a very loyal customer that comes to us for that, but the customer is evolving and not only just for big events. I think there is a need for your everyday girl across the country to get her makeup done and do it her way. As on-demand services grow in general, we believe there is a huge opportunity.”

BeGlammed has linked with retailers in the past, but nothing on the scale of this new partnership. Similar to lease relationships the Macy’s has had with other companies in the past, it has entered into a revenue-share arrangement with BeGlammed. Customers will head to to book appointments for hair and makeup services.

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