Husband and wife Bo and Tammy Bingham are strong believers in what Brain Balance Achievement Centers can do for children who have academic, social or behavioral challenges. The Binghams’ sons brought them to one of Brain Balance’s centers and the dramatic improvement in their sons’ development led to the Binghams to operate centers in Utah. What can a business owner learn from the Bingham’s success?

Tammy spoke to the Huffington Post about the challenges, rewards, and lessons learned by making the decision to work for Brain Balance.

First-hand experience

What led the Binghams to focus on helping families like them? The common thing that allows one to overlook risk and decide what is best for the long term. “I developed a passion which motivated me to help to lead and guide other families and individuals to success with the program,” Tammy said. “This has allowed me an opportunity to apply the leadership skills I have sought to develop in a very personal and meaningful way.”

Through the first-hand experience of working the program, Tammy never forgets that and puts the experience back into her work ethic. “Because I personally have been through the program, I have a passion when it comes to our work,” she said. “There are countless nights I toss and turn thinking about the children and their families in the program, hoping and praying they follow our guidance and advice, knowing that at some point, whether they do or not, it is out of my control.”

Following your gut

For those who are considering making a professional change and follow a gut feeling, she said it’s an often-used reason. There’s a reason why it’s often used. “The best advice I can provide is that whatever you decide to do, you must really be passionate about it,” she said. “Owning your own business takes a lot of effort day-in and day-out. You are going to be way more successful doing something that you love and feel passionate about.”

Mentoring is invaluable

Following that gut feeling can lead to success, but sometimes we need a guide, and Tammy strongly believes in mentoring. “Mentorship is invaluable,” she said. “It is an available resource that we all have access to and should all take advantage of. I have been mentored by several professional, personal relatives and friends that have personally helped make my life a lot easier.”

What leads you to find the right mentor shouldn’t be a hard find. In Tammy’s case, she thought about the home she grew up in. “I have always looked up to my mother and tried to adopt her leadership skills, listen carefully to her wisdom, and take the lessons that she passed down to me and pass them on to my children,” she said. “While the job of a mother is often overlooked, it has helped me in more ways than one to become the entrepreneur I am today.”

Tammy and Bo have their work ethic in their blood. It’s not something they turn off once it’s 5 o’clock. The Binghams’ approach to work might not fit everyone’s kind of approach, but it is certainly clear how driven they are to help not only their own children, but many other children.