TEDx is known for their engaging and inspiring events hosted in local communities all around the world. When I was named to the board of advisors last year, it was a tremendous honor. As a longtime contributor to TED, I continue to be excited about the opportunities that abound from this organization. Moving forward, I’ll be assisting them by providing advice and council to further their mission in sharing “ideas worth spreading.”

I recently watched a TED Talk from Marco Alverà where he shared his secret to creating a business environment where workers feel engaged and respected. According to Marco, “70% of workers feel disengaged,” which translates to a loss of “550 billion dollars a year.” Advice like his has the ability to truly change the world. Today, it’s more important than ever that we nurture the spark of creativity and wonder, not just in our youth, but across all ages. It’s this belief that makes being appointed to the TEDx board of advisors such a heartwarming moment for me.

David Kiger Tedx Board of Advisors

I earnestly encourage anyone looking to learn, grow and explore the world of creativity and mindfulness to attend an upcoming TED event.

In the meantime, head over to the TEDx website to watch inspiring recordings of presentations given at previous events.

Some of my personal favorites include: