When I look back on some of the best times I had growing up, many involved America’s favorite pastime, baseball. Bill Dickman and I played the sport together in high school and have remained good friends ever since.

That’s why I was so thrilled to be able to support a cause that brought both Bill and I so much joy and a lasting friendship. His baseball club, Storm Hüstetten, put so much effort into learning and practicing the sport for the last four years, all while playing on a borrowed soccer field.

After all their hard work, it only seems right to begin efforts to get them a true baseball field to play on. In Bill’s hunt for the funding to make the club’s dream a reality, he reached out to me to provide assistance in this endeavor. Having the ability to support initiatives that meant a great deal to me growing up and will mean so much to these young people, is a gift that I am blessed to have.

Learn more about the Storm Hüstetten baseball club, and their initiative here.