American Way magazine shined the spotlight on beGlammed in its February 2016 issue.  Here’s an excerpt from  the magazine’s interview with beGlammed founder Maile Pacheco:

Once I founded beGlammed, a mutual friend introduced me to our investors, David Kiger and Rebby Gregg. Once they learned more about my mission for beGlammed, they recognized the potential of the business and believed in my vision for growth … It’s an upward climb to get to the top with many seemingly impossible humps along the way. No matter how hard things may seem, never give up or take no for an answer. Keep your eye on the prize!

beGlammed is currently available in Los Angeles, New York City, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, Orange County, San Diego, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Toronto.

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